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Welcome to the Roswell Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission

The mission of the Roswell Hispano Chamber of Commerce is to promote growth in the Hispanic business and economic community in and around Roswell. Further we plan to create business opportunities for our members and to act as a link between the Hispanic and non-Hispanic economic community. We will represent our members through promoting Hispanic/minority representation on civic boards, developing a business success luncheon series, providing public relations services and advocating key Hispanic/minority business issues within the community. We have chosen as our symbol, the sun, which has been the key to life and growth on this earth since the beginning of time, and like the sun our purpose is to promote new life and growth in our community.

Our Goals

  • Encourage local purchasing and employment.
  • Promote tourism through our visitor center for Roswell and the entire state of New Mexico.
  • Seek positive publicity and media relations.
  • Retain existing members.
  • Recognize and promote all business and industry.
  • Enhance environmental awareness.
  • Strengthen the relationship between RHCC and other cities and countries.
  • Broaden citizen involvement in chamber activities.
  • Promotion of small business, women as business persons, and minority owned business.
  • Development of community leadership among minority persons.
  • Promoting inclusiveness and openness in civic affairs of our community.
  • Develop and promote community pride.

Statement of Purpose

The Roswell Hispano Chamber of Commerce was chartered on May 07, 1987 to address issues related to:

  • Promotion of small businesses, women in business and minority owned businesses
  • Development of community leadership among minority persons
  • Promoting inclusiveness and openness in the civic affairs of our community
  • Highlighting the economic, historical and cultural contributions of Hispanics to our area
  • Promoting equal educational opportunities for all students
  • Advocating issues that call for the special sensitivities of Hispanics as a minority population.